Karting in Rotax Max and became runner up in National championship (Couldn't attend last event).

Bought T-Bucket with his partner Joe Ghiller and managed just 6 runs (10 seconds) and last one 8.5 sec with nitro injected. John Cassar (Nicknamed Lonz) was the team’s crew chief and tuner and he exploit his experience to Duncun’s needs. John Cassar was the only maltese to race a Top Fuel car in Malta back in the early 90’s.

Switched to Top Methanol Dragster with TF chassis (Ex Andy Carter). The team needed more crew members and Franco Pace came in the scene,he was also an Ex Knut Soderquist crew in TF. It was a very difficult year for the team until we realized that we needed to change the engine and transmission in the car.

A new setup was bought and installed in the same chassis. Timo and Dennis Habermann was contacted to tune and help us with our new setup. 10th October the very first run with the new setup resulted in a 5.93 sec run /0.93 60ft. 2 hours later 5.92 sec.

May, once again under the supervision of the Habermanns we managed to run the car twice results were a dissapointing 6.6 and 5.98. November, managed a 0.92 60Ft but shook at 660ft and 6.1 sec. 2 hours later 5.83 with poor traction at the first half just managed a 1.00 60ft.

So really, Duncan's carrier consisted with just a few runs to his name.

Contacted Rune Field with the intensions to go Top Fuel and he gave me green light. I didn’t knew what it takes to drive a TF but John told me that it will tough. Some people taught that I was going crazy but I kept calm. I trained physically very hard before Easter. First run - my aim was to keep calm and in fact it does really work cause I had no one to instruct me for burnout and also the car wasn't staged straight but managed to do 500ft with consistent corrections to the car all the way. 2nd run - Spun the wheels which was an experience which I wanted to pass trough to get the feeling cause my intentions were not to hurt the motor. 3rd and the run that made Duncun the fastest man in Malta - I told my crew that I was really prepared for it. Burnout and staged perfect. On the throttle and never left it all the way. Feeling! Yes they were right. It never stopped pushing and at 1200ft the car went to the left but corrected and chutes out. I knew it was a good run and when I heard 5.10 I shouting and cried with joy. That was a massive relief of pressure!!

I wish to thank all my crew which includes Raymond, Kevin, Martin and Antti's crew. Joe Ghiller my partner. Big thanks to Rune Field for believing in me all the way. And to all my supporters. Finally I would like to thank my sponsors 'AZURE' and 'J Portelli projects' for the trusting me from the start of this venture.

See you at the Main event in June for some more!!

The Festival of Power event at Santa Pod was a weekend of all new for many reasons. To list a few, the track was resurfaced and until that weekend didn't see much going on due to bad weather. Duncan decided to have a new all Maltese crew. This crew performed extremely well for their first encounter, Raymond Debono .... view more


Joe Ghiller
Joe is the person who has to take all the blame behind this venture! Joe was the guy who let me in this motorsport and for sure he is also the front man to speak to, when you try to get in our teritory. Joe is the owner of Telephone Box which is the main sponsor of the team. Joe beleives alot in me and we never looked backwards so far.

Frank Pace
Frank is also an experienced guy who worked alot with Knut Soderquist (Top Fuel Legend). His daily job is a mechanic so he is also a very important person for our team. Frank was the man who helped us to break the 7 second barrier at that time. His Job is Bearings.

Raymond Debono
Raymond has been with us since the last 2 years. It was all new for him were it comes to Drag Racing but his passion to do it will help him to learn quickly. He is a hard working guy and his job will be on the clutch.

Mark Farrugia
Mark is also a full time mechanic and his second job is Drag Racing! Its the first time he is working on such a car like this but we are really confident of him that he will succeed. Mark is a very energetic person and he also has some tune up experience were it comes to 4 cylinder race cars. He also has his own car for drag racing. His job will be Top end.

Adrian Busuttil
Adrian is an old helper with our team. He is probably the most important person as he does all what it takes. He is a very experienced and a very strong person. He will do everything for winning!

Ronnie Busuttil
He is the new addition to the team. He has been in drag racing long enough and while not racing his own car, he is helping all his friends during all the local events. His passion for this sport is immense and we are glad to have him with us. His job will be top end.