The Festival of Power event at Santa Pod was a weekend of all new for many reasons, to list a few the track was resurfaced and until that weekend didn't see much going on due to bad weather, Duncan decided to have a new all Maltese crew.

This crew performed extremely well for their first encounter, Raymond Debono was taking care of all clutch related servicing while Mark Farrugia and John Cassar were handling the cylinder heads with the help of Adrian Busutill which is an all rounder and a very useful person. Franco Pace had bottom end duty, while Duncan was concentrating on how to get down the track in the chilly conditions. Joe Ghiller was supervising the new crew with the instruction given from Rjune Field's crew which were very helpful. Duncan briefed the new crew of what will take place during the weekend and what they will encounter which was very professional to prepare as this made a clear view on how things will run. After fitting some new stickers and decals to the Telephone Box car which included the newly designed website ( and a facebook page (Duncan Micallef Maltese Top Fuel Driver) the crew got their hands on the car to prepare for the run.

The First Run looked quite smooth but Duncan had fog issues in his helmet which meant that he couldn't make the full run and shut off early which still showed the immense determination Duncan had for this weekend.

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Saturday 30th March to Monday 1st April 2013
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He explained that for the majoring of this run he didn't see anything and practically he did all with eyes closed. Later in the weekend Duncan managed to clock a 4.92 sec and 0.93 60 ft which was the best clock for the weekend and since track resurfaced ! all this was done on a 2.7 sec throttle as the blower belt let go. In the final run we had the intension that we will run with Risto but we were told that it was not possible due to track conditions which was very cold and could prove unsafe. At the end of this weekend Duncan and the team were extremely satisfied with what they had achieved since this was an experimental weekend which resulted in the best ET of the weekend and best since track resurface.

Duncan plans to run some more events this season in preparation for 2014 season, and his aim is to run the full season. He is looking for some help in the form of sponsorship to realize his mission. He can be contacted on facebook 'Duncan TF Micallef'.

We would like to thank our sponsors and all supporters for the great encouragement and positive feedback. See you all in September in the European Finals at Santa Pod, if not before so watch this space! Nitro methane is our blood group, Horsepower is our living!

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